Tren Veal was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana. Growing up, dance was deep in her family’s and community’s culture. Everyone was always dancing. She fell in love with hip hop at a very early age. She joined her high school marching band that was known for entertaining crowds with its dancing at football games. Tren discovered DFW Swing Out while living in Dallas, Texas as a school teacher. Here she fell in love with dancing again. A year later after attending a dance convention in Texas she was introduced to West Coast Swing. The dance’s spontaneity and expressiveness opened her up to so much creativity and allowed her to infuse her hip hop style and flavor within it. Placing amongst the top 5 in Champion Divisions she has been recognized for having some of the most memorable dances in WCS. She’s been known for her sass, spunk, musicality and creativity. Her talent and love for the dance has afforded her the opportunity to travel all over the world sharing her passion of swing dance to adults and youth with her life partner Markus Smith.