Rebecca Ludwick started dancing at the age of two, training formally in Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. She has taught and performed professionally for the last fifteen years.

Some of her performances were with the Washington National Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera and most recently with the Kanye West tour. A ballet student introduced her to West Coast Swing and she fell in love with the dance the first night.

Rebecca has pursued WCS with a passion and zeal to be the best she can be. Starting in Novice working hard on her swing dancing she now competes in the Champion division. Teaching and competing across the country Rebecca has won and placed in many top events such as Golden Ticket Tour Finals Champion, Chicago Classic JJ Champion, 2nd place in the Classic division at ACC, 2nd place at Tampa Bay Classic, 5th place in Showcase division at Madjam. She has finished in the Top 10 in the NASDE tour for the past 3 years.

Rebecca enjoys sharing her knowledge of the dance with others. Being able to do what she loves and passionately help others through what she has learned over the years.