Competition Rules & Deadlines

Available Contests:

Rising Star Routines

Pro Am Routines:  Novice and Intermediate/Advanced

Jack and Jill contests:  Newcomer, Novice, Masters, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Star

Strictly Swing contests:  Novice, Sophisticated/Masters, Intermediate, Advanced/All-Star

Pro Am Strictly Swing contests:  Novice and Intermediate/Advanced

Entry Deadlines:

7 PM Friday:  Registration closes for all Friday contests

11 AM Saturday:  Registration closes for all Saturday Contests

10PM Saturday:  Registration closes for all Sunday Contests

Entry deadlines are FIRM.  There will be no exceptions.  (You’re cute.  We love you.  Those deadlines still apply to you, too.)

All competitors must purchase a weekend pass.  The weekend pass gives you access to all competitions, open dancing, shows, and most workshops.

Official policies governing all Swing City Chicago’s competitions.  All competitors are responsible for reading and following the rules below.

Swing City Chicago –  2021 Contest Rules



1. Waivers:

Each competitor must sign an entry/waiver form and pay in full BEFORE competing.

2. Weekend Pass:

All Entrants are required to purchase a weekend ticket and may be asked verify event pass purchase.

3. Age:

Strictly swing, rising star, and pro-am are open to all ages.
Jack and Jill contests are open to ages 18 and above.
Competitors between ages 11 and 17 may petition to compete in Jack and Jill contests.
Sophisticated age division requirements are ages 35 and above.
Masters is 50 and above.

4. Costumes:

Costume are not allowed in any category except Rising Star and Pro-Am Routines. Strictly swing partners may choose to coordinate outfits.

5. Swing Definition:

This is a ‘Swing Dance’ competition and all recognized swing styles are allowed, including Whip, Push, West Coast, Swing, Shag, Lindy Hop, Imperial, Swingout, Jitterbug, Stepping and others.

6. Entry Limits and Requirements:

Dancers may compete in multiple swing contest categories during the weekend. You may compete or enter a particular contest more than once, but each entry must be at the different level. If you are unable to compete in a different level, you may only compete in the contest once.  See Strictly Swing and Pro-Am Rules.

There is no limit to entries to any division except for pro-am routines and pro-am strictly swing. A professional may dance with up to five (5) amateurs at each level of pro-am strictly swing or pro-am routines.

If there are fewer than five (5) entries in any division, Swing City Chicago reserves the right to combine or cancel that division.  Swing City Chicago also reserves the right to have all lead/follow categories run in a heated format in lieu of prelims or spotlight format to facilitate event schedule constraints.

7. WSDC Jack and Jill Contents: NEW!!

WSDC points will be used to determine the level for all Jack & Jill competitors.
Masters may compete in the appropriate WSDC level and in masters (novice or open based on WSDC points but not both).
You may now compete at a leader and follower per the new WSDC guidelines.

Here are details on how it works:

· Leader and Follower points will be tracked separately in Points Registry.

· Competitors qualify for their dance level based on either their Leader or Follower points, whichever is higher.

· Competitors are allowed to compete in their non-dominant role one level down if they don’t qualify in both for the same division. No petitions will be approved for dancing more than one level down.

· Competitors will not be permitted to dance both roles in the same division.

Current competitors whose combined points as both a Leader and Follower would have moved them into a higher skill level will be offered a one-time option (to be “grandfathered” into the higher level).

Competitors – please contact if any points are/were incorrectly allocated to the wrong role in the system.

8. Qualification for Newcomer Dancers:

Designed for the dancer that is BRAND NEW to competition. You may enter Newcomer only once at Swing City Chicago. This division is not open to all levels.

9. Lifts, Drops, and Aerials:

Lifts, drops and aerials are allowed in Swing City Chicago’s routine divisions (rising star and pro-am routines). Drops that are considered ‘safe’ and that work within the realm of ‘lead/follow’ are allowed in the Advanced, All Star, and Master’s Divisions of Jack and Jill and Strictly Swing ONLY.

Definition of a LIFT: That point when both feet are off the ground, and weight is not self-supported.

Definition of an AERIAL: The point at which one partner is off the ground due to the other partner and not maintaining contact with their partner.

Definition of a DROP: The point at which the head goes below your partner’s waist and weight is not self-supported.

10. All rules will be strictly enforced:

Scoring and penalties will be at the discretion of each individual judge.

All remaining rules can be accessed here.

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