BLUES Essentials

Techniques, Tips and Tricks

Shawggin the Blues Intensive

With US Open Swing Champion, Patty Vo.

Time:  10 am and 11 am Sunday

Come join us for this unique and fun intensive that will show you how to blend your shag steps with swing patterns, to the Blues. Shag is known for its fast and intricate footwork and Swing for its creative blends of styles. By combining these two ingenious dance style this intensive will highlight, and show you how to “raise your game” for both bettering your competitive skills in Jack & Jills and Strictly’s as well as your social dance abilities to the Blues and other music styles.

 This game-changing and innovative curriculum will make a profound difference in how you swing to the blues.

•   Unlock movements and patterns that have been challenging you

•   Fill in the gaps with the music

•   Renovate and upgrade your dance skillset

•   Breakthrough plateaus in your dance progress

•   Advance and evolve your repertoire on the social and competitive floor

Patty Vo:  Bio

Patty Vo is universally regarded as one of the top female West Coast Swing dancers in the world.

She is known for her superb “feel for the music,” creativity, versatility, and especially her dynamism and charisma on the dance floor.

She is also a highly respected international instructor, judge, and competitor.  She has won numerous national competitions and awards, including placing five times at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships.  Patty teaches all over the world.  She is a tough teacher who focuses on technique (centering, musicality, footwork, lead/follow skills, etc), musicality, timing, creativity, and most important of all, having fun.  Her classes are challenging, innovative, and insightful.  Her methods have produced some of the best dancers in the USA.